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The Phil Moncrieff Banned

Phil Moncrieff

Kulcha - Featuring Phil Moncreiff and the Southern Cross Band

Phill Moncrieff is a prolific singer/songwriter who writes in the rock-reggae, blues & roots idiom with lyrics that deeply explore themes of social justice, (or injustice), indigenous and multicultural isssues and spirituality and love.

The Phill Moncrieff Banned has played at various indigenous and community events over the past 5 years.

The Banned is usually made up of a four piece rock-outfit with special guests on Digeridoo, Percussion, Saxophones etc. Recents appearances have been on the 'Catch Music' compilation CD, last year's Spring Gospel Music & Arts Festival, and the 'China Sea' compilation CD launch which was held recently in May this year.