Priam Bacich - Musician


Karma is a dance R'n'B/Soul Cover Band playing hits from the 60's right up to the present day.

Karma Members in Black and White

Personnel are Chantal Souza - Lead Vocals, Matty J Young - Keys, Raps and Occasional Lead Vocals, Priam Bacich - Electric Guitar, Backing and Occasional Lead Vocals, Igor Golgovac - Electric Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals, and Jason Ogg - Drums, Percussion, Beatbox and Raps.

Karma Members Landscape - 1

The current line-up has been together for most of 2012, and has played multiple gigs at Fremantle Metropolis Nightclub and the Subiaco hotel, as well as performing corporately.

Karma Members Landscape - 2

Karma will produce a demonstration CD in the upcoming months in an effort to secure a residency at a local venue along with extra corporate work.

Karma Members Portrait

- July 2012.